About Us


As a family-owned business started in 1988, Boninfante Friction, Inc. produces superior quality parts at competitive prices while setting standards for every market in which we compete.

We’ve has sustained consistent growth and maintained customer satisfaction year after year.

In 2011, the family business changed hands, passing from father to son, and growth has increased under the next generation.

Rob Boninfante grew up in the company and although its core values have remained the same, the corporate scope has been widened to encompass second-to-none quality and value while also focusing on on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

All of this is being monitored by sophisticated engineering and business standards that make us the world leader.

Boninfante Friction, Inc. is the world leader in friction clutch manufacturing for the motorsports market.

  • Boninfante creates custom clutches for a vast array of applications, from street cars to full race clutches, from NHRA Top Fuel dragsters and nitro Funny Cars, to Formula1 and F1H2O boats, and more.
  • Boninfante also produces industrial strength clutches for road grader applications and precision aircraft test equipment.
  • Boninfante specializes in energy transfer and currently has 100% market share in NHRA Nitro Funny Car and Pro Stock drag racing.
  • Boninfante has expanded beyond the clutch market into the automatic transmission world with a new line of billet aluminum flexplates, torque
    converters, DCT clutches, billet input shafts, automatic transmission parts, SFI-approved safety equipment (bell housings and burst panels) and high strength fasteners.

WHY BONINFANTE? Because we are the BEST!

Proven Performance

Many of the world’s quickest and fastest trust Boninfante. Win more races, set more records, and achieve more when you choose Boninfante.


Unbeatable Value

Our value is in our products’ performance, , and our ability to provide you with a custom clutch that is better than our competitors.

Ask yourself, what is a tenth worth on a 4-second racecar?

Guaranteed Durability

Our clutches are engineered to handle the extreme stress of a performance environment.

We custom build your clutch to work with your entire vehicle combination; this results in better durability, performance and efficiency overall.

Our clutches are also backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Unmatched Service

We want you to be happy with our products and our service.

We have a knowledgeable technical staff, a friendly office staff, an excellent warranty, a 90-day free adjustment period, and a commitment to provide you with the best clutch on the market today.

Your success is our obsession.

A Brief Boninfante History

  • Founded in 1988 by Nick Boninfante Sr.
  • Purchased by Rob Boninfante in 2011
  • Added precision aerospace testing parts in 2012
  • Expanded beyond the core clutch business to include automatic driveline parts, high-strength fasteners, and input shafts
  • Acquired Kenny’s Pulling Parts in 2019 adding the premier diesel parts
  • Acquired ProTorque in 2020 adding the nation’s most recognized torque converter brand

Core Competencies

  • Complex Engineering & Design
  • AutoDesk, Feature CAM, PartMaker
  • SolidWorks
  • Master CAM
  • E2/JobBoss
  • Precision Machining
  • Metal Sintering
  • Rapid Prototyping & Production Development
  • Research & Development and Product Realization
  • Bridge Manufacturing to High-Volume Solutions
  • Testing & Failure Analysis in The Destruction Lab
  • Fatigue, longevity, and failure testing
  • Cycle testing
  • High energy torque testing
  • 1,000lb inertia wheel dynamometer at 10,000 RPM
  • 350lb inertia wheel dynamometer for durability testing

Industries & Applications

  • Professional motorsports and racing (NHRA, NASCAR, PPL, NTP, NMCA, NMRA, PDRA, MWDRS, ADRL, etc.)
  • Ultra high-performance supercars (Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.)
  • High-end performance aftermarket (1,200hp and up)
  • Aerospace (Boeing, Hamilton Sundstrand, Rolls Royce, US Military)

Company Focuses

  • Boninfante = Race clutches, friction products, shafts and fasteners
  • Kenny’s Diesel = High-strength diesel parts and high-performance pulling applications
  • ProTorque = High-performance torque converters and automatic transmission driveline parts

Manufacturing Capabilities


  • 2500-watt Fiber laser cutter (5/16” steel)
  • Wire EDM cutting
  • Mills and lathes (CNC & manual)
  • Precision grinding/finishing
  • Double disk grinding
  • Heat treatment
  • Broaching, hobbing & shaping
  • Welding including automated
  • Sintered friction materials
  • Tool & die manufacturing
  • Laser marking



  • Multi-axis machining
  • CNC Mills and lathes
  • Thread rolling
  • Broaching, hobbing & shaping
  • Precision grinding/finishing
  • Welding



  • Stamping
  • Forging
  • Multi-axis machining
  • Complex assemblies

Drivetrain Products

  • Torque converters
  • Dry clutch systems
  • High-torque shafts
  • High-strength fasteners
  • Input frictions
  • Flexplates and flywheels
  • Planetary and complex motion gearing
  • Diesel clutches for on-road and off-road
  • Engine parts
  • Bell housings and burst panels
  • CVT and DCT transmission parts



Best in the business! We won a lot of races with ProTorque converters in the car. ProTorque (Joe Rivera) is an innovator! Always looking to make a better (faster) product!

Kit LindsayLindsay Transmission Service

I have known Joe Jr for many years and I can tell you he is the real deal. He will do everything necessary to make sure your expectations are met and exceeded. I have personally served with Joe on a major industry advisory board and I can tell you he knows performance and he knows his product.  He is the PRO in ProTorque.


My bolt together Gen X rocks! Joe is fantastic to work with. My Jeep just goes faster and faster and ProTorque puts the power down!